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Willo Hausman


After graduating NYU with a BFA in acting and cinema, Willo was the Founding Artistic Director of NRG, a theatre company in NYC which primarily employed a film-based crew and performed verite’ style throughout Manhattan.  NRGS’ most notable endeavor, THE HOBBYWOOD CANTEEN, was performed on a soundstage at Culver Studios in LA where it received much kudos and notoriety.  While attending the Tisch School at NYU Willo was also honored with the opportunity to perform in a few David Mamet movies where she honed her skills as an actor.  Willo enriched her film knowledge by continuing training on many high-powered film sets, working in a multitude of capacities, including NOBODY’S FOOL (Stand-in/Perdiem-Envelope-Stuffer and Art Department Production Assistant), FAMILY THING (Set PA and Casting Assistant), PEOPLE VS. LARRY FLYNT (Extras Casting Director), TWILIGHT (Producer’s Assistant) and MAN ON THE MOON (Camera Assistant).  Willo also spent many years in her youth working by her father’s side at his NY-based production company, CINEHAUS.  Since 2014, she has been busily employed on numerous commercial endeavors as a Casting Director.

I've directed a variety of films and many stage works: including a well-received and elaborate theatrical production of A CHRISTMAS CAROL, which combined cinema, an original score, Victorian Steampunk costumes and an exquisite gothic-hued set. I've helmed an innovative stage version of DRACULA and more recently, a successful version of Albee's WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF. In the wings is a theatrical trilogy of GRIMM and currently an outdoor production of MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, in the beautiful Hudson Valley. 

Also on the roster is a project based on the intriguing life of my mother, actress Diane Varsi. In active development are a sitcom, THE VIBE and two features, CLARE, a murder mystery revolving around a clan of modern-day witches and AMONG THE WONDERFUL, a vintage tale about the adventures of a giantess and a taxidermist who work at Barnum’s American Museum circa NYC 1842. In addition are an Edward Gorey based film, a Buster Keaton bio-movie and a documentary about mental illness.

Willo is the founder of GRYPHON PICTURES, a LA and NY-based production company.

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