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Gryphon Pictures

Gryphon Pictures is an entertainment company focused on film, theater and television productions. 

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Willo Hausman

 Director Statement

From local plays to off-Broadway, from low-end film ventures to high-end studio productions, I have worked in the office, backstage, on location and on set in a variety of departments including casting, camera, accounting, art, props, publicity, teaching, producing and directing. All aspects of the entertainment world are interesting to me, culminating in a well-rounded, respectful team-player. With both parents in the business, growing up on movie sets and in theaters, wearing numerous hats, I carry a collaborative and ‘can-do’ attitude alongside a positive, confident, comfortable leadership quality. I am versatile, though my main creative bent leans towards dark comedy and conversational, intense, surreal, macabre, wise, beautiful, sensual, ironic tones.

I've directed a variety of films and many stage works: including a well-received and elaborate theatrical production of A CHRISTMAS CAROL, which combined cinema, an original score, Victorian Steampunk costumes and an exquisite gothic-hued set. I've helmed an innovative stage version of DRACULA and more recently, a successful version of Albee's WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF. In the wings is a theatrical trilogy of GRIMM and currently an outdoor production of MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, in the beautiful Hudson Valley. 

Also on the roster is a project based on the intriguing life of my mother, actress Diane Varsi. In active development are a sitcom, THE VIBE and two features, CLARE, a murder mystery revolving around a clan of modern-day witches and AMONG THE WONDERFUL, a vintage tale about the adventures of a giantess and a taxidermist who work at Barnum’s American Museum circa NYC 1842. In addition are an Edward Gorey based film, a Buster Keaton bio-movie and a documentary about mental illness.

Gryphon Pictures supports other creatives in their journey towards bringing positive and pro-active dreams to tangible life.  Please feel free to reach out with ideas and projects for possible collaboration.

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Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf

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An extravagant stage production of A Christmas Carol using Charles Ludlam's true-to-Dickens adaptation.  Using 25 actors (aged 7-77), the show was very gothic in tone, with a Steam Punk hue. Victorian costumes.  9 filmed projections. An original live musical score. 18 set changes.

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